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The latest updates from Trelleborg Offshore!

Over the next 12 months, we have lots of activity planned where we can meet you, including displaying at industry leading exhibitions such as Offshore Technology Conference (OTC Houston), Offshore North Seas (ONS Stavanger), and Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) Asia. 

You can also expect the launch of a variety of highly innovative new products, to help accelerate your project performance.

We invite you to visit our website to keep up to date with our developments throughout 2018.

Trelleborg Wins Oil & Gas Engineering Product of the Year Gold Award

Trelleborg is the first company to win the Oil and Gas Engineering Product of the Year Gold Award for its newly developed Standardized Buoyancy Module.

Distributed Buoyancy Modules (DBMs) are typically used between a subsea structure and a surface vessel or platform to hold pipelines in a specific geometric configuration to prevent over utilization of the system. The two main functions of DBMs are to provide uplift and maintain location along the riser, to hold the project specific riser configuration.

With this in mind, Trelleborg developed a new modular design for its DBM called Standardized Buoyancy Modules. The modular design allows smaller elements to be stacked together, enabling the customer to customize uplift requirements as specified as needed for each project. The modular buoyancy segments are designed to mechanically lock around the clamp, securely attaching the assembly to the desired location on the riser.

Meet the Team

At Trelleborg we not only offer revolutionary, cutting edge products, but also excellent customer service. We understand how important it is for our customers to speak to the right team members, with the right level of expertise.

This month we are giving you the chance to find out a little bit more about a key member of our Material Technology team.

Grethe Hartviksen
Material Technology Manager

Innovative Rotating Buoyancy Modules Create Safe Buckling Zones

Trelleborg’s offshore operation recently developed a new Rotating Buoyancy Module system for buckling mitigation for subsea pipelines.

The advanced solution is engineered to roll on the seabed to reduce lateral friction and berm creation thereby creating repeatable and predictable pipeline behavior.

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Did You Know that Trelleborg manufactures Subsea Spherical & Ellipsoidal Buoys?

Trelleborg manufactures a range of subsea buoyancy for its partner Mooring Systems Inc.

Mooring Systems Inc, manufacture systems for subsurface oceanographic applications. One of their key customers is CICESE Oceanografia Fisica in Mexico, who they have worked with for over a decade, supplying them with 90 Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) subsea mooring buoys and floats.

Each of these buoys and floats were filled with Trelleborg's in house microsphere and macrosphere fill system. Mooring System Inc, designed the moorings, buoy specifications, and instrument frames.

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